Legislative District Organizations

Below is a list of all the legislative district and county Democratic organizations. CLICK HERE to find out what legislative district you live in.

County Organizations

Legislative District


1st LD Democrats:

2nd LD Democrats:

3rd LD Democrats:

4th LD Democrats:

5th LD Democrats:

6th LD Democrats:

7th LD Democrats:

8th LD Democrats:

9th LD Democrats:

10th LD Democrats:

11th LD Democrats:

12th LD Democrats:

13th LD Democrats:

14th LD Democrats:

15th LD Democrats:

16th LD Democrats:

17th LD Democrats:

18th LD Democrats:

19th LD Democrats:

20th LD Democrats:

21st LD Democrats:

22nd LD Democrats:

23rd LD Democrats:

24th LD Democrats:

25th LD Democrats:

26th LD Democrats:

27th LD Democrats:

28th LD Democrats:

29th LD Democrats:

30th LD Democrats:

31st LD Democrats:

32nd LD Democrats:

33rd LD Democrats:

34th LD Democrats:

35th LD Democrats:

36th LD Democrats:

37th LD Democrats:

38th LD Democrats:

39th LD Democrats:

40th LD Democrats:

41st LD Democrats:

42nd LD Democrats:

43rd LD Democrats:

44th LD Democrats:

45th LD Democrats:

46th LD Democrats:

47th LD Democrats:

48th LD Democrats:

49th LD Democrats:



Dan Wilner

Phyllis Farrell

David Green

Rick Lloyd

Martin Chaney

Mary Wissink

Carol Eugene

John Christenson

Ken Caylor

Sue Tingstad

Rick Polintan


Hanna Fredeed

Mathew Tomaskin

Teodora Martinez

Rick Evans

Cathy Golik

Candy Bonneville

Susan O'Connor

Melissa Thompson

Wilson Charles

Judi Peterson

Mary Bryant

Connie Gallant

Ed Herde

George Robinson

Kathy Orlando

Patti Dailey

Beckie Summers-Kirby

Tim Burns

Mark Boswell

Carin Chase

Jim Thompson

Marcee Stone-Vekich

Irene Bowling

Jeff Manson

Rory O'Sullivan

Ray Miller

Cathy Ozog

Marc Oommen

Karol Brown

Natalie McClendon

James Apa

Rick DeWitt

Ken Albinger

Phillip Duggan

Bailey Stober

Phil Kouse

Catherine Rich-Daniels

The Legislative District and County Democratic Organizations



Adams County Democrats:

Asotin County Democrats:

Benton County Democrats:

Chelan County Democrats:

Clallam County Democrats:

Clark County Democrats:

Columbia County Democrats:

Cowlitz County Democrats:

Douglas County Democrats:

Ferry County Democrats:

Franklin County Democrats:

Garfield County Democrats:

Grant County Democrats:

Grays Harbor County Democrats:

Island County Democrats:

Jefferson County Democrats:

King County Democrats:

Kitsap County Democrats:

Kittitas County Democrats:

Klickitat County Democrats:

Lewis County Democrats:

Lincoln County Democrats:

Mason County Democrats:

Okanogan County Democrats:

Pacific County Democrats:

Pend Oreille County Democrats:

Pierce County Democrats:

San Juan County Democrats:

Skagit County Democrats:

Skamania County Democrats:

Snohomish County Democrats:

Spokane County Democrats:

Stevens County Democrats:

Thurston County Democrats:

Wahkiakum County Democrats:

Walla Walla County Democrats:

Whatcom County Democrats:

Whitman County Democrats:

Yakima County Democrats:

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Dear Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Acting Chairs,


WSDCO would like like to have acurate information about each of your organizations. We would also like to see our party be the strongest organization it can be. Please check the accuracy of the list above as well as the linked page with a list of your organization's website. If you need us to make a correction, please CONTACT US. Also, we encourage each group to fill any vacation positions.


If your organization needs help or guidance putting together a website, please let us know. We will help!



In solidarity,