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By WSDCO Blogger, Oct 2 2014 05:17PM

This is a special grant that we are able to provide in this important year, but we would like to make the grant process a regular part of our organization. To do so, we need your support. We rely on membership dues to ensure that we will be able to make more grants in the future. If you would like to pay your membership dues, please go to http://wsdco.org/support.

Please note, WSDCO can only grant funds to local party organizations. We cannot contribute to candidates, candidate committees, or ballot measures.

By WSDCO Blogger, Aug 20 2014 07:54PM

The Take Back the Senate: Karaoke Style! event is going well. Congratulations to the 32nd LD for being able to get a host of sponsors for the event. If you would like to attend the event, please go to 32democrats.org.

By WSDCO Blogger, May 23 2014 04:08PM

Last night the members of the 36th LD voted to adopt the 45th LD and help them win all their contested seats! WSDCO hopes that the 45th is ready for the energy that is coming their way!

By WSDCO Blogger, May 15 2014 05:39AM

Tonight, the 32nd LD adopted the 45th LD. The people in the crowd donated to Matt Isenhower's campaign including Snohomish County Executive John Lovick's first donation of the season! The 32nd LD agreed to match (up to $500) the money that the crowd gave Matt, and send those matching funds to the 45th LD!

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