Jay Clough, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization.

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WSDCC Bylaws:

Article X

Organization of County and District Chairs


A. The Organization of County and District Chairs shall be composed of the chair of each Democratic county central committee and the chair of each Democratic legislative district organization in the State of Washington.


B. The Organization shall elect from its ranks a chair, vice chair and such other officers as the Organization shall deem appropriate.


C. The Organization shall recommend to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) for its consideration actions or expenditures to promote the grassroots structure of the Party and shall perform such additional duties and have such additional powers as the WSDCC may by resolution.


The Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization (WSDCO) has a long history in Washington State.  Tasked with building and promoting the grassroots structure of the Democratic Party, we were the original authors of the PCO Handbook.  We provide a forum for newly elected leaders within the party to communicate with and learn from those of us who are more experienced.  Our mission is to build the Party.  Our tools are infrastructure built from years of leadership.  Our foundation is the Democratic Party Platform.  Our dream is a better world for the people of Washington State.



Patti Dailey, Chair

Chair of the 28th LD Democrats


Steve Schmidt, 1st Vice-Chair

Chair of the Walla Walla County Democrats


Paul K. McLain, 2nd Vice-Chair

Chair of the Cowlitz County Democratic Chair


John Christenson, Secretary

Chair of the 8th LD Democrats


Richard Erwin, Treasurer

Chair of the King County Democrats



Mario Brown, Executive Director

2nd Vice-Chair of the Snohomish County Democrats

Former Chair of the Kitsap County Young Democrats


Chad Lupkes, Finance Director

Former Chair of WSDCO

Former Chair of the 46th LD Democrats






WSDCO is made of up of elected officers all of whom are currently a chair of their local county or legislative district Democratic organization and an all volunteer staff that help with the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Click Here for the WSDCO Bylaws